How Well Do You Know Criminal Law?How Well Do You Know Criminal Law?

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How Well Do You Know Criminal Law?

Sure, you know what's illegal and what's not. You know how to avoid breaking the law. But do you know the technicalities that can get your case dismissed in court? Do you know what kind of evidence is allowed in your defense and what isn't? Do you know how to effectively cross-examine a witness? If the answer to these questions is no, then you shouldn't be considering defending yourself in court. When a criminal case gets to court, innocence doesn't matter as much as experience with criminal law does. You need an experienced lawyer to help you defend yourself. In this blog, I'll share experiences that can help you understand what is going to happen in court and how to assist in your own defense. But the most important piece of advice I can give you is this: don't go to court without a lawyer.

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Private Investigators Catch Catfish

If you have been on the Internet at all in the last few years, you have not been able to miss stories about catfishing. Catfishing occurs when somebody pretends to be another person on the Internet. While catfishing is often associated with romantic interests and dating websites, catfishing has also occurred in relation with scams and friendships. Catfishing is not uncommon, and many people who have donated their time and effort into relationships with people on the web want to ensure they are not being catfished. Read More 

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When you say your wedding vows, you never envision anything disturbing your marital bliss. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and sometimes you need to be prepared for the worst. Here are four steps you should take if you find out your spouse is cheating. 1. Save the evidence You can learn the bad news in a number of devastating ways: through text messages, email, or overheard conversations. As painful as it might be, you should save any evidence you find. Read More 

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Driving while impaired by alcohol or any other controlled substance is not just dangerous but also illegal. Nevertheless, countless people do just that, putting their lives and those of others at risk when they get behind the wheel. Law enforcement officials have turned to DUI checkpoints and various other enforcement measures to tackle drunk driving. Sobriety checks and breathalyzer testing can seem like a hassle or even an infringement upon your rights. Read More 

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